Will You Be Covered Post-COVID19? What Should You Be Checking Right Now? We Talk To An Insurance Broker

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BrumPod Ep24 Graphic

BrumPod Episode 24.

In this episode, we talk to Daniel O’Brien, an insurance broker from Aston Lark.

We discuss the current state of the insurance industry in the midst of the pandemic, what cover you THINK you have, what cover you NEED, and lots of top tips and advice that all business owners should be aware of to ensure you’re fully covered for all eventualities once we reach that golden egg that is ‘the new normal’.

We cover areas such as what business owners and facilities managers need to consider when re-opening on July 4th, how the exposure to risk has changed now, how companies are adapting their business models in the wake of COVID19, and where we go from here – what are the things to look out for? 

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