Our Members

Our Background

As it’s been asked quite a few times, I thought I’d create this page to explain a little background on what our meetings are all about, and the types of people who attend.

Brummies Networking was formed to fill a need that was apparent – a distinct lack of quality, free business networking events. The type where you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds yearly for a membership, giving you the obligation to go along super-frequently so as to get your money’s worth. A meeting where the only real cost to you, is just two hours (or however long you choose) of your morning to meet some likeminded business folk.

I’m happy to say that the amount of positive feedback about our meetings our team gets is brilliant – from what we can tell, our members really get what we’re about, and receive huge value from coming along. Knowing that is the reason we do it!

Our Members

We really do have a huge variety of members from different sized businesses, ranging from the micro business and one-man-bands, through to medium sized, as well as many representatives from large firms too.

Within our member database, it comprises a wide range of industries too:

We have everyone from web designers & developers, health & lifestyle oriented businesses, telecoms, HR, hotels, marketing/design agencies, photographers, event management companies, coaches, creative industries, video production, PR, travel agents, bars, conference centres, financial services, managed office space/event space companies, football clubs, animation, charities, banks, chamber of commerce, storage, colleges, restaurants, insurance brokers, health insurance brokers, solicitors, recruitment, and everything else in between pretty much.

Numbers at our events vary month by month, but we usually tend to average around the 70+ mark. At our busiest meeting we had 98 attend! As there’s no ‘booking in’ procedure as such, it’s essentially luck of the draw as to how many come along in any given month, as it’s the truest sense of ‘drop in’-type networking. Really easy going…

I’m absolutely positive you’ll get to meet some useful people at the events regularly, both in terms of introductions to people our members know, as well as the attendees there on the day; and ultimately, come away with something of value.

Please do follow us on Twitter for all the latest news & info – https://twitter.com/brummiesnet

Future Growth

Our growth as a networking group has mainly been via word of mouth, and we’d love you to help us grow larger! Please come along, tell your colleagues and clients & bring them along too. There genuinely is no catch! No hidden fees, no lurking ‘membership team’ ready to swoop in to sell them an expensive membership package – just pure, open, and most importantly, free business networking, in a friendly relaxed environment.

I look forward to seeing you there next time….