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Founder & Co-Organiser of Brummies Networking.

Richard is a partner at Happy Content Co. consisting of him and his best friend Sam; two lifelong best friends who have teamed up to offer content marketing services to businesses in nice neat packages. Services include social media content, blog writing, copywriting, social videos, social graphics and more. See our website for more information –

He is also a voice over artist in the UK, providing audio for radio and TV adverts, web based audio commercials, on hold and IVR for phone systems, corporate video narration and everything else in between. He has a healthy list of clients from all over the globe, including large nationals & multinationals, as well as bluechip corporations. The likes of GSMA, AstraZeneca, HSBC, BMW, Cisco and many more can all be named as clients.

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Co-Organiser of Brummies Networking.
Jason Jones has been a regular at Brummies Networking since he first heard there was free coffee, now we can’t get rid of him.

He works in Self Storage which by his own admission is “Boring to talk about so God knows what it’s like to listen to”.

On the upside he is one of our most prolific connectors and has gotten to know a wide range of members, what they do and who they’d benefit from an introduction to. Also if you need any assistance with storage, offices or commercial property, Jason’s your man in the know.

Some irrelevant factoids are that Jason speaks a couple of languages and plays more than a few musical instruments, although his ambition outstrips his ability. When he’s not busy speaking Czech or playing guitar, he likes to collect dust.

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Co-Organiser of Brummies Networking.
Iwan Thomas helps business owners to build saleable businesses, and organisations to develop their strategies and succession plans and to carry them through. This can also involve helping executives become more effective. He acts for a range of private and third sector clients.
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Co-Organiser of Brummies Networking.

Danny Peters is part of PIE web, who specialise in high quality WordPress development. Offering tiers of support packages to meet the needs of business owners and digital agencies. Danny loves to ride motorbikes all over the world, shoot bows and arrows, and make noises with a ukulele, but has yet to master doing all three at once.

PIE solve problems from API integrations, to plugin development, to building entire application platforms, within a familiar and easy to use WordPress environment. We also offer high quality WP Engine web hosting at a competitive price.

PIE are proud to sponsor Brummies Networking and supply and maintain this website.

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