Privacy Policy

Throughout this privacy policy, mentions of ‘us’ and ‘we’ ongoing refer to Brummies Networking. Mentions of ‘you’ and ‘members’ ongoing refer to members or individuals of Brummies Networking who are listed in our database.

Who We Are

The Brummies Networking team comprises Richard Heathcote, Iwan Thomas, Jason Jones and Danny Peters. For each of our contact details, you can find this under the ‘about us’ dropdown menu, on the ‘meet the team’ page. These are the only people that will have access to your data, which will purely be used for Brummies Networking related matters.

What We Will Do With Your Data

Brummies Networking maintains a database of all current and past ‘members’. A ‘member’ constitutes someone who has previously attended a Brummies Networking meeting, and/or has signed up to our mailing list on the website, or has been added to our mailing list manually by one of the team at the request of the individual.

The main ‘data controller’ within Brummies Networking is Richard Heathcote, the founder; who is responsible for the mailing list database. He can be contacted on 0121 270 4551, and email: [email protected]

Primarily, we can assure you that your data is sacrosanct to us, & will not be passed on to any third party, either by means of selling your data, or passing it on freely. We are vehemently against this sort of practice, and your data will be retained & kept private, purely for Brummies Networking related use.

With you being in our database, you are consenting to us sending you periodical emails relating to Brummies Networking news and information. This will include monthly email reminders of upcoming meetings. These are sent the week before the upcoming meeting.

Sometimes, information not directly related to Brummies Networking events, but which might be of interest or use to our members, for example some news/information on a local level, will be emailed out.

However, our list will never be used by us or a third party to directly & blatantly sell to our members. We only use it as an information distribution medium.

Also please note, the team does not use the Brummies Networking email database for the purposes of our own businesses.

Categories of Personal Data

Within our existing database, and for all new members signing up to our database, it consists of the following information:
First Name
Second Name
Email Address
Company Name

How We Look After Your Data

The Brummies Networking database is held offline as a spreadsheet by Richard Heathcote, which the rest of the team have access to. It is also held online by means of our MailChimp account which we use to distribute our email marketing mailshots. No-one outside of the Brummies Networking team has, or ever will have, access to this account or its contents, i.e. our main database.

Why We Need It

In order to stay up to date with all matters pertaining to Brummies Networking, and the events we lay on for our members, receiving our email mailshots are by far the easiest and most effective way of staying informed.

How Long We Need It For

This is an accord between us that you have equal say in; you can withdraw consent to being emailed at any time by unsubscribing, and re-subscribe at a later date, as many times as you wish.

What Your Rights Are

Although our mailshots are the most effective way for us to communicate with our member base, it is completely up to you if you want to remain a member in our database. You are completely free to unsubscribe from all ongoing mailshots either by using the unsubscribe feature on one of our emails, or by contacting the Brummies Networking data controller (listed above), requesting removal from all future mailings. If contacting the data controller to request removal, this needs to be done in writing by means of email. Please note, removal from the database can take up to 14 days to be processed, due to it being a manual process.