Our New Initiative: Brummies Jobs Exchange

UPDATE, JANUARY 5th 2021: As Boris Johnson has announced a further nationwide lockdown which will likely last a minimum of another 2 months, it’s more important than ever that we all stick together, help & support each other through this, so that all our businesses can survive this period of further uncertainty. If you know of anyone looking for work, do let us know so we can post about it in our LinkedIn Group, to see if anyone we’re connected to can help.

As England is in a second Lockdown for (hopefully just) a month, the team have decided to do something more to help our small businesses and personal contacts.

With the limited resources we have as a 3-man team, we’re therefore calling on everyone to take part in a new initiative, Brummies Jobs Exchange. This is about employment – there will be another initiative for freelancers.

We’re seeing more and more LinkedIn posts from people saying that they’ve been made redundant or are out of work due to the pandemic, and are seeking new roles.

Conversely, we’ve also seen Midlands companies posting that they’ve got vacancies. So we wanted to see if we can help people to match up, via the power of our network, & the platform we’re all so used to, LinkedIn.

This isn’t a commercial venture for us, and we’re not acting as recruiters, agents or experts in this field – we simply want to provide a platform and an audience via our Brummies Networking LinkedIn Group, website and social media channels.

We therefore encourage everyone to be on the lookout for these types of posts, and we’ll ask for every post we see to be posted also in our LinkedIn group so it acts as a hub, where you’ll be able to link up with each other, to help each other out.

Create your job seeker/job available posts in the Brummies Networking LinkedIn group, by starting it with ‘CAREER’ at the start, to make it clear and obvious; and hopefully then you’ll get some interest and assistance from fellow members.

We hope, that combining our own individual networks, the Brummies Networking audience, and the power of LinkedIn, will enable job seekers and job providers a more centralised method of being able to link up. Please everyone think about who you know that these posts might help – and tag them in and make them aware.

Who knows, by dropping just one like and a comment and/or tagging someone in, it could mean the difference between someone struggling, & starting a fantastic new career…

It is especially important during these trying times that we act as a network that both gives and takes.

So folks, it’s over to you!

Click here to join the Brummies Networking LinkedIn Group

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