Liverpool Hosts Mask-Free Business Conference

Liverpool Hosts Mask-Free Business Conference

The City of Liverpool has been the first to host a mask-free business conference in a scientific trial since the start of the Covid pandemic.

The event which was attended by over 400 people was overseen by scientists as part of a set of trials to see how it could pave the way to a more ‘normal’ future, showing how events can still go ahead and be safe.

The event didn’t require attendees to socially distance or wear masks, but attendees’ contact details were taken, and were tested with Lateral Flow Tests before and afterwards.

As a team, we are pleased to see such an experiment, and are keen to see the results of it, to see how face to face networking can resume in a post-Covid world. The public will of course need to rebuild confidence in meeting again, and all networking groups need to understand how they can minimise the potential risks coming out of a pandemic.

We, too, are looking forward to being able to host our in-person physical events again, when the time is right of course. Given that our events have, pre-Covid, attracted a large number of people (on average, between 50-80 people every month), we are mindful of the fact that there are going to be challenges to face with having a room full of potentially that number of people again in the future, and we need to ensure we do it in as safe a way as possible and make allowances where appropriate.

Over the last year, we, like I’m sure many of you will have participated in numerous Zoom networking events, and we, like many, would like to still see online offerings in some shape or form alongside in-person events.

Let’s hope that before too long, things will start to feel like some form of ‘normal’ again, so we can look ahead to a brighter, Covid-free future!


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