How Important Is Email – And Are You Too Reachable?

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In the technological age we’re living in, we’re now all too used to being reachable by a multitude of communications media – email, text, social media, mobile phones, video conferencing.

When email came around, people proclaimed ‘the letter is dead!’. Of course that’s not true.

When texting, WhatsApp, social media etc came about – people then proclaimed that ‘email is dead!’.
Of course, that’s not true either!

It’s more about its importance in our lives, and how we adapt to technology, to make it work for us – often adapting our uses for certain technologies to make our lives easier.

These days, email is less about sending round-robin chain emails with the ‘latest’ (i.e. ANCIENT!) jokes and what would be the precursor to ‘memes’ – that’s now more prevalent in messaging app group chats!
Email is now used more for official, archival, paper-trail processes, when you need to refer back to information at a later stage.

How important is email in your life? Do you send/receive anywhere near the amount as you used to say 15 years ago?

And with the advent of the smartphone, we’re now all too used to being accessible even out of office hours; which for many, can be detrimental to our mental health.
Do you check emails at 11pm? Does it affect you? Or do you manage to find ways to switch off most of your communication apps after office hours?

Let us know your thoughts!

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