Guest Blog: Top Tips For Using Your Smartphone To Make Great In-House Videos

by Anthony Howell from Lilac Howell Films

A series of 12 top tips to help you get the best out of using your smartphone to create your own in-house videos.

1. Keep the camera horizontal so it fits YouTube framing

2. Always use the back camera, its quality is significantly better

3. Use the built-in flash as an additional light source

4. Put phone into Airplane mode to avoid any interference

5. Shoot in 1080 resolution; avoid zooming as in-built camera is not designed for this

6. Touch screen to bring up AF/AE Lock, which locks focus and exposure and enables you to adjust the brightness

7. Use an external mic to capture good quality sound

8. Ensure the camera is a minimum of 1 metre away from its subject

9. Place a piece of grease-proof paper over a desk lamp to create diffused light

10. Avoid camera shake and the need to zoom by using a tripod

11. Use the ‘Rule of Thirds’ when framing your subject

12. Get the lighting right by avoiding dimly lit rooms and rooms with lots of windows

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How can we help?

At Lilac Howell Films, we run short, half day Smartphone Film Workshops; a practical, non-technical way to learn how to make great, little videos in-house.

If this interests you, please get in touch for full details…

Contact: Anthony Howell, Director (07772 028213; [email protected])

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