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Brummies Networking member Fiona Cohn is retiring, and has a stock of business resources that could help other people.

They would be certainly useful to business coaches, career and executive coaches, and more traditional business advisers; as well as enlightened business owners who are keen to get the best performance from their staff.

Fiona has always been interested in business culture, employee engagement etc, as this is the fundamental key to any business’ success; so there’s lots of material on that too.

Here is the resources inventory currently available:

Resources Inventory

Leadership and Management

360° survey

Communication Styles questionnaire and explanation

Personal styles

Learning and problem-solving profile – KOLB

Transactional Analysis – folder with explanations

Personality theories, types and tests – folder with explanations

Business Growth/Innovation

Business values exercise
Business positioning statement exercise
Analysing organisational culture – Cameron Quinn Framework
Business culture reflection exercise
Net promoter score
Innovation health check
Business Model Canvas
Relationship modelling (delivering product/service)

One of Fiona’s objectives for 2020 is to give back, therefore she is asking for donations to charities that she’s supporting in return for any of the resources, which are Furbabies, and The Animal House Rescue.

To obtain any of these resources and to arrange the charity donation, please contact Fiona directly on 07971 103232 or her email, [email protected]

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