Farewell To The Warrior

martin warrillow obituary

We were very saddened to recently learn of the passing of Martin Warrillow. 

Martin was one of our staunchest supporters at Brummies Networking events, rarely missing a single one. 

He was a journalist for 30 years until he suffered a stroke in 2013, aged just 49, as a result of a stressful lifestyle. Unable to continue his career, Martin became a beacon for fellow stroke survivors as a popular speaker telling his story, it serving as a timely reminder about the dangers of stress;  as well as through his podcast, The Warrior Podcast.

Along with offering advice and telling his own story, he would interview other stroke survivors to understand how they cope and rehabilitate themselves to adapt to their ‘new normal’.

Martin’s tireless efforts to warn people of the dangers of stress will not be forgotten, and his podcast remains live online for people to listen to the back catalogue – something which now forms part of an important legacy.

Martin, we’ll miss seeing you at our events, you were always a pleasure to talk to. Rest in peace.

Martin’s funeral is on Friday, November 18 at midday at St John’s Church, St Johns Street, Tamworth.

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