Three Handy Tools You Might Find Useful

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This week’s episode is just a short burst of news and updates you might not have known about.

First up, Canva.

Canva announces the Canva Visual Worksuite, including Canva Docs at their annual conference. They’re not holding back when it comes to developing their platform even further. They are constantly upping their game!

Canva info:

Next up; how to find out what your clients are searching for on Google – the non creepy way. (Trust us).

There’s a tool we found called AnswerThePublic, which, when you add in a couple of key words relating to your industry, will show what the real time search data is, for what people actually search for on Google about those keywords.

This can be massively useful when it comes to planning your blog or article writing content, knowing what things people are searching for, so you can plan your headlines and article content around just those topics, enabling you to directly answer what people want to know about.

Find out more about AnswerThePublic in this article written by BrumPod’s own Richard:

Finally, one more tool to add in to your bookmark folder for when you may need it – TinyWow.

Little in name, but big on functions, it’s a completely free website with seemingly limitless tools, to help you convert any number of files into different formats. Anything from image file compression, to compressing and merging PDFs, you name it. It’s got it.

One of those tools that you’ll be glad is in your bookmarks folder for whenever the need arises.

That’s your lot for this week, catch you again soon!

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