BrumPod Ep67 The Xmas Episode – The Importance Of Multiple Streams Of Income

In our final episode of 2022, and before we take our break for Christmas and New Year, we leave you with some thoughts to ponder, about the importance of multiple streams of income.

With so much in the news that’s not altogether positive, we think it’s worth reminding everyone, ourselves included, that the future is very much uncertain, and it’s well worth being in the position where you can earn income via a variety of streams, so you don’t ever have to rely on one sole source.

Easier said that done, perhaps. But there are many things you can do to put yourself in a better position going forward, so you can potentially earn residual income on an ongoing basis, from a few different sources than your usual ones. Especially if you’re a freelancer earning invoice to invoice.

Consider creating content that can be sold many times over in the form of digital downloads. eBooks, courses, coaching material, creative content, videos, guides, consulting, presentations, whatever it might be – there are ways to monetise your knowledge so you can create something once, then sell it many times over.

Websites we talk about in this episode include Gumroad, Koji, and Payhip which all make the process of selling digital content online very straightforward.

Gumroad story:



Another resource we talk about is Volley, a website that makes it fairly easy to sell what’s most important to us all – your time. Selling your time and knowledge through their platform, offering coaching, consulting in bitesize one-off sessions, or longer detailed recurring sessions, it’s all up to you how you use it. Another way people can work with you, and you can earn money via a completely different platform.


And because there’s a dearth of good news stories in the world right now, it’s worth having a look at a newspaper (and social accounts) of one outlet dedicated to good news!

The Happy Newspaper

Iwan’s story of the alternative Xmas advert, very poignant.

All that remains is for us to thank you for listening throughout 2022, have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in January…

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