BrumPod020: How Businesses Can Use Marketing And Social Media To Their Advantage During The Coronavirus Crisis

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This episode’s guest – Greta Geoghegan from Digital Glue –

With the continuing coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis dominating every headline and website, we try to cut through things to offer some help and support for small businesses.

In this episode, we’re talking to Greta Geoghegan about how small businesses can utilise marketing and social media to their advantage to help get them through this period of uncertainty. We look at:

What platforms might be useful for you.

What tools she recommends for various tasks.

And the importance of building community at this time of nationwide lockdown.

How can businesses create and maintain a sense of community and togetherness when social distancing is the new normal?

Plus, we look at the ‘new fangled’ social media platforms like TikTok – should your business be on them? Some say so. Greta explains all.

Finally, we get Greta’s take on marketing trends that will be likely throughout the remainder of what will be a very odd year all round.

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