BrumPod Episode 21 – Dealing With Stress During Lockdown With Martin Warrillow

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In this episode, our special guest is Martin ‘The Warrior’ Warrillow, a stroke awareness campaigner, blogger and podcaster. Many of you will know him from our events.

Martin suffered a stroke in 2013 after dealing with a tremendous amount of job related stress. After collapsing whilst crossing a road & nearly being hit by an oncoming bus, he managed to drag himself to safety, with half his body paralysed, with only a foot between him and the passing bus.

During this period of global lockdown, stress is going to be playing an ever-increasing role in many people’s lives. Hopefully this episode will help in some way, giving you the tools to try and combat it.

Stress has played a significant role in Martin’s life, turning it upside down. He talks about the dangers of stress, the warning signs, and how to cope with it.

This is his story…

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