BrumPod Ep50 – Networking Safely After 17 Months & How To Keep Your Network Effective

BrumPod Episode 50 Graphic

In this episode, we reflect on the fact we have just hosted our first in-person networking event in over 17 months!

It was a strange feeling being back in our spiritual home of networking – but quickly the strangeness subsided into a feeling of (relative) normality, and absolute familiarity.

We had a (capped) roomful of people eager to get back to business networking, with great, deeper conversations happening throughout. It really was great to see.

We also reflect in this episode about how we can all keep our networks effective, and fresh. Reconnecting with people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Meeting up with people that for so many months have been merely 2D avatars. So much is lost when we’re confined to Zoom meetings; nuance, body language, context.

As good and such a Godsend things like Zoom have been during the pandemic, it’s nice to actually see humans again, and keep the connections going, getting to know people again on a deeper more personal level; something that just isn’t quite so effective online.

We also remind everyone in this episode what we’re up to and how we’re going to be continuing our monthly events ongoing, whilst keeping it as safe as possible for everyone attending. We can’t wait to see you again at the next event. Eventbrite link will be going around very soon, so stay tuned.

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