BrumPod Ep47: Are You A Specialist Or A Generalist?

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A phrase we’ve all heard before – ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ – certainly some truth to it – albeit with some negative connotations.

In this episode we’re discussing generalists versus specialists – which is more preferable? Maybe there’s no right or wrong answer, as there are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages to both.

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, this topic will apply to you, as you may already fit on one side of the fence on this one, possibly happy with where you are – perhaps you want to change your situation.

Generalists have a good understanding of a wide selection of topics and skills, often transferable across various situations. They can adapt quicker, navigate through uncertainty, and are able to offer a multitude of services, and be better at multi-tasking.

Specialists often earn more money because it takes longer to study to get to that position, becoming an expert your field. You’re often more sought-after by head-hunters, more likely to be a thought-leader, resolve high level issues and streamline work processes.

But on both sides of the scale, there are also disadvantages – it’s up to you to work out which is better to be in your own business situation. Have a listen as we delve deeper.

Resources we refer to in this episode:

Innovation Management – Advantages & Disadvantages of Generalists vs Specialists

University of Pennsylvania Wharton – Interview With A Journalist

Brainspire – Generalists and Specialists In Today’s Business World

2 thoughts on “BrumPod Ep47: Are You A Specialist Or A Generalist?

  1. Hi Richard, Jason and Iwan,
    I loved this episode, In fact, I tend to listen to 95% of your podcasts and feel that you guys speak so well and so easy to listen to and understand. Moreover, it is laced with a lot of wisdom.
    Cool work 😎
    Love to see you guys again soon – hopefully at the roulette table 🥁

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