BrumPod Ep48 – Will Digital Business Cards Prevail In a Post-Pandemic World?

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A new (to us) technology has been stumbled upon – the digital business card. An NFC-enabled plastic credit card sized business card that can be scanned on the recipient’s phone, loading up a browser page with all your relevant contact details and web links – with a big shiny button front and centre to allow that person to immediately save your details to their phone’s address book.

The technology isn’t necessarily that new – but it’s the first time we’ve seen it in such a slick easy to use and deploy format.

Will digital business cards replace traditional business cards, or will they still have their place? Will they be strictly the domain of the tech savvy super nerd? Could they be advantageous at networking events in a post-pandemic world where people more than ever are conscious about viruses, germs and touching surfaces that others have also touched?

We delve deeper into this technology to explore how they could be used, as well as their positives and negatives. (And of course, Rich just HAD to buy one to check it out for himself – and so far, positive reviews).

Not an ad/sponsored episode in any way – but in case you were curious, here’s the link to the digital business card he bought:

TapiTag Digital Business Card

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TAPiTAG digital business card

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