Secure, or not secure? That is the question.

Well it’s not much of a question really is it? Secure is obviously better, especially if there’s a big flag telling your website users that it is or isn’t!

There’s a new version of the Chrome browser coming on the 27th October 2017 which will mark any site with a big red NOT SECURE notice if it’s not https, and any data is entered into the site (such as on a contact form). Chrome already does this to a degree, but only for credit card details and the like, so this change will affect many more websites by alerting the user that they are not secure. This is just one step in Google’s plan. In time, all non https sites will show the warning.

If you want a nice green flag telling your users how secure your site is and, by extension, just how much you care about them and why they should use you, then the solution is to make your site https with an SSL certificate. Google will also reward you with a small boost to your page rank. This is generally getting easier to arrange, but still varies from hosting provider to hosting provider.

PIE web hosting is provided by the award winning WPEngine and includes free SSL certificates for those who want them, as part of the already awesome deal we offer for this quality hosting. That means your site can be https and have a lovely green SECURE notice instead!

If your WordPress site deserves a nice green notice, as well as the host of security, speed and other fantastic benefits that WPEngine offer as standard, drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll get you fixed up!

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