Guest Blog: Dominic Borsberry, Conditioning Neuroscientist

Positive Change Programmes

How they work

The client will start to tell me about their particular issue, weight loss, lack of self-confidence with anxiety affecting their job and or relationship.


You will find it easy to talk to me as I listen to your issues and will then check availability for both of us, a convenient time is booked with email confirmation together with a document that allows you the client to start to realise what goals you want,what has stopped you achieving thus far and the reasons why you want to change your behaviours to realise your potential.


As you read this you may be thinking about your problem/issue you have had or still have, you may know what is wrong in your life but after speaking with me, realise what you need to do…

The sub conscious mind really is a tape recorder of all your experiences and will play the same relationship, anxieties and keep you from being healthier (mental and physical health) because it craves familiarity even if it means you keep worrying or feel a lack of confidence, or stay in that toxic relationship!


Positive Change Programmes give you choices and I invite you to imagine, how good would your life be with massive confidence, with people treating you with more respect in business and your personal life..?

Below are two sample testimonials : contact me on 0794 117 9159


Dominic Borsberry


The NLP Training I have recently received from Dominic has been not only been enjoyable but has had a massive impact on my business and as a result of this my productivity is rocketing. My fellow business associates have commented that I am more confident and that I am much more focussed and driven in relation to both my business and personal goals. Dominic is patient and understanding and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my clients, friends, family and business contacts – I promise not to keep Dominic and NLP a secret.

                                        – Sarah Ryley Business Woman

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