Disrupting The Face Of The Recruitment Industry With Dan Hoff-Rodrigues

Disrupting The Face Of The Recruitment Industry

In this episode we talk to Dan Hoff-Rodrigues from CX Squared Talent Solutions based in the Midlands.

Dan’s company focusses on recruitment for the tech industry – but he doesn’t work in the traditional model of recruitment, but favours a ‘Talent As A Service’ model, helping to drive the industry into the 21st century.

You’ll learn about his career path to date bringing him to where he is now, and why he wanted to disrupt the face of recruitment by doing things in a different way.

Why he’s a ‘Duman’ – a doer that’s a human – someone that doesn’t spend time endlessly planning (see Ep53!) but gets on with it and takes action where it’s necessary, solving problems where he finds them.

Dan additionally explains the ‘why’ to what he does – doing what he can to find solutions to the digital skills gap, digital poverty, tech in education, helping to get kids switched on to the tech industry early; learning skills they wouldn’t have otherwise thought about. As well as how to get those who are massively under-represented into the tech industry, in various roles.

He also dispels a lot of myths and misconceptions about the industry as a whole, gives advice on how you can break into the industry – as it isn’t just about being able to code, or having to have certain qualifications or skills.
His aim is to level the playing field of the tech industry, and is doing so not just through his business, but via various initiatives he has set up (Diversity In Tech Brum, & The Brum Muse) to help many people learn, connect, and get the career they want in tech.

You can find out more about Dan at the following places.

CX Squared Website

Dan’s LinkedIn

YouTube – The Recruitment Doctor

CX2 Twitter

The Brum Muse Twitter

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