BrumPod Ep62 Elon Musk Buys Twitter? How Does This Relate To Our Own Networks?

elon musk buys twitter brumpod image

Elon Musk is purportedly in the closing stages of buying Twitter for a cool $44Bn – there have been extremely mixed reports online as to whether people are all for it, or think it’s the worst plan ever.

Twitter has been likened to a cesspool for many years – does this mean he’s now going to come in and clean it up and make it a more positive environment? Or will it just make things worse?

Then again, as we’ve said many a time, your experience on any platform is predominantly decided upon who you follow and interact with – if you don’t follow or get involved with toxic discussions or viewpoints, regardless of platform, then your experience will be wildly different to those who do.

We are all in charge of our own networks, both personal and professional, and we are all the masters of who and why we interact with certain people. The network and results we see, is what we deserve, because we are all capable, and should, maintain our networks to keep them positive, useful, and forces for good.

So will Elon buying Twitter make a massive difference? Or will the majority of us not even notice a thing, for the most part?

Is it not simply better to just focus on our own personal and professional networks, treat them like a garden – nurture them, give them life, feed them, so they can be the best they can be?

There’s no short cut to creating a powerful, useful network that’s helpful to all parties. It takes time, patience, maintenance and a lot of nurturing. But the results when done properly can be absolutely fantastic.

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