Brummies Birthday At The Botanist – Aftermath

Many thanks to all who could make it along to our Brummies Birthday Bash @ The Botanist on Friday night.

As was mentioned prior to the event, it being Jason’s birthday and Brummies Networking’s half birthday, we thought rather than buying Jason a drink (which, with that many people attending would have meant Jason’s bloodstream would end up being 4000% proof), it was asked that instead, donating some money to the Chinatown Lions Club would be greatly appreciated, in order to raise money for good causes.

Because of you awesome Brummies and Lions members who attended on the night, we ended up raising £200 – so many many thanks indeed for that! You’re all amazing.

Special thanks to Brummies member Harriet Fay Giles and the rest of the team at The Botanist for hosting us so well.

A great night was had by all, with plenty of cocktails flowing throughout the evening.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Danny’s kidneys, after having 2 of the chilli cocktails, complete with a large whole red chilli in each. You could smell that drink from 10 paces!

Special mention to Jason’s liver for endurance – with Jason being last seen gone 11pm on Colmore Row shouting at pigeons.

Gallery below.


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