Living An Analogue Life In A Digital World

Living An Analogue Life In A Digital World

Running our businesses, (and indeed lives), old school – does it still have a place in an ever-more digital society?

With so much focus these days on people, and indeed businesses taking advantage of the latest platforms and technologies, i.e. the TikTok generation (something that completely eludes us, I might add) – there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much focus on tried and tested marketing methods that would now be considered ‘old school’.

But does old school mean old and futile?

Not when you consider that so many traditional forms of marketing are seemingly on the rise, whereas you’d think it only the digital platforms could wave such a flag.

Direct mail marketing is dramatically on the rise, and has been on the rise year on year for many years now.

Radio advertising is seeing its biggest growth surge since one company started tracking radio ad spend a decade ago.

And with so many other traditional routes still being completely viable ways to get word about your business out there, from business card drops in cafes, company front desks etc, speaking at events, sending snail mail, cold calling, trade shows, exhibitions, local community level activity through print publications, the list goes on.
It goes to show that just because something’s offline, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still work.
If anything, with fewer people in the offline pond, it could mean that you have a much better advantage of standing out from your competitors.

What about you? Are you mainly online? Offline? Mix of both? In our view, a hybrid approach must work the best to get the optimum results.


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