Jason Jones

Jason Jones has been a regular at Brummies Networking since he first heard there was free coffee, now we can’t get rid of him.
He recently returned to working as a freelance Sales Consultant, helping Businesses get the most out of their Sales strategy and their Salespeople. He is well into his third decade in sales and has worked in everything from magazine publishing to self storage.
On the upside he is one of our most prolific connectors and has gotten to know a wide range of members, what they do and who they’d benefit from an introduction to. Also if you need any assistance, Jason’s your man in the know.
Some irrelevant factoids are that Jason speaks a couple of languages and plays more than a few musical instuments, although his ambition outstrips his ability. When he’s not busy speaking Czech or playing guitar, he likes to collect dust.

Jason’s LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/doublej/about/

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