Brummies Late Lunch Event Roundup

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Brummies Networking is becoming well known across the Midlands as one of the networking events to go to. It was especially gratifying when founder, Richard Heathcote, received an email from Pizza Express HQ asking if they could put on an event for us; providing the venue if we provided the crowd. We of course accepted, and the ‘Brummies Late Lunch’ was born..

At 2pm, the upstairs piano bar started filling up with an incredibly diverse mix of business people, all geared up for an afternoon of good conversation, making solid connections, and the proactive marketing of their respective businesses; alongside piping hot freshly made pizza of course!

Just like all of our regular networking events, the room was absolutely buzzing with around 80 members having a good time meeting new people, in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. This informal approach to the concept of business networking is the reason we have people coming back time after time. After all, business networking doesn’t need to be stuffy and formal with suits being the required dress code! If people are comfortable, then the conversations will be comfortable; and that is what allows our members to make meaningful connections with each other, enabling the end goal of doing business much easier.

We even had a surprise special guest attend in the form of Beverley Nielsen, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Combined Authority West Midlands Mayoral Elections! She said she was encouraged to see so many businesses in the room, and that she “… was hugely impressed by the energy levels and commitment to working with and for each other expressed by all those I met.”

As anyone in business knows, networking is a crucial element in the marketing and promotional strategy. This is why 4 business people, the Brummies Networking team, joined forces to find a better way of enabling pure business networking at it’s simplest. We believe that networking doesn’t need to be complicated, or costly – all it needs is an accommodating venue, and a little managing and promotion. The rest takes care of itself.

Our main motivation, and the reason we continue to do what we do, is to just find a reason to get as many business people in a room as possible, and simply let the conversations happen. It doesn’t require scripts or presentations. After all, people buy from people, and not companies; and the only way that happens is if you get to know them as people first. Great things can come from chatting to someone over a coffee and a caramelised biscuit – or in this instance, a slice of pizza!

(Combination of pics, some Rich’s, some Danny’s, and others from Dionne , Wayne & Sean.)

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