An Evening Networking Meeting – In A Brewery!

Brummies Pub Meeting Brewery


All tickets have now been sold! However, there is still a chance if you didn’t manage to get tickets. We’ve set up a waiting list, so you can still register your details; and if someone cancels, you’ll be notified of the freed up ticket. However, as has happened twice in the last few days, as soon as a ticket has been freed up, it’s gone again straight away – so if it does happen again, act quickly!

To register for the waiting list, just click on the Eventbrite button below as before and click on the big green button.


Brummies Networking along with our friends at Two Towers Brewery in Birmingham City Centre are putting on a special evening networking event on the 29th November. Yes, in a brewery!

There’s a chance to sample their range of beers, as well as chatting and socialising in a more informal setting with clients, colleagues and friends.

This is a free-to-attend event, but you will need to book a ticket, due to a maximum the brewery can hold. (And please remember to bring your wallets – because not ALL the beer’s free!)

To book your ticket, Click Here, or click on the Eventbrite button below.

Eventbrite - Brummies P.U.B. with Brummies Networking & Two Towers Brewery

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