Why I Work With Independents by Maygen Jacques

why i work with independent businesses

A guest blog by Maygen Jacques of Clever Jacques Marketing.

I’m Maygen, owner of Clever Jacques Marketing. I help small and independent companies. I have a lot of experience with start-up situations and I want to share that with those who may not be familiar or confident with marketing. I don’t blind people with jargon; I start with the basics and consult on what will work.

The Good Old Days

I used to go to a pub which was part of a small chain called Eerie Pubs. They had shots in test tubes, cocktails named after the Seven Deadly Sins and the toilets were hidden behind a revolving bookcase. I have fond memories of it; I used to go there with my sister to spend her student loan. I was heartbroken when I went back after I’d moved away from London, to find it’s now a Greene King.

Years later, I was involved with an independent bistro that I watched grow from an empty unit to winning Best Restaurant Bar and Overall Birmingham Best Bar None 2015. Cue more fantastic times; on both sides of the bar. I was bitterly disappointed to learn of the sudden closure of Le Truc in 2016. The owners sadly also closing Birmingham’s beloved Selly Sausage.

The closure of Alfie Birds in Digbeth happened within the same month. I had been going there with my friends to sit on the balcony and chat the night away.
My first ‘proper’ job was with an independent recruitment company (happily still thriving).

These are just a few examples of how independents have shaped my life.


I am an independent! I love going to Stirchley Wines to stare longingly at the creatively labelled cans and bottles before ultimately spending too much on stouts, or going to the Electric instead of an Odeon. My favourite restaurant is Ristorante Veneziano in Kings Heath. The most inspiring initiative I have ever seen is Independent Birmingham and thanks to them, my good times continue.

This isn’t a list of “why independent is best”, it’s an insight into why I personally help them. Because it’s personal.

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