Business Networking And Coronavirus – Some Thoughts

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now becoming more problematic, and it’s something we feel we need to address.

Given that we all go business networking regularly, it inevitably involves being amongst a large volume of people in close quarters. We felt the best thing we could do is just to reiterate some of the (sensible) advice that’s been floating around, just to ensure the safety and wellness of all of our members.

  1. Do keep networking – there’s no reason at this stage to lock oneself away for the sake of it; and most people should just continue daily routines as normal.
  2. UNLESS you feel unwell yourself; in which case, DON’T! It’s better to be safe than sorry. (And not just in the instances of (even potential) Coronavirus, it’s just a sensible rule for life.
  3. Wash your hands regularly to prevent spread of any possible germs. Given whilst networking it involves a lot of hand-shaking, it’s just the sensible approach.

Our event tomorrow (10th March 2020) will still be going ahead. We see no reason at this stage to consider cancelling events. Everything for the time being will be business as usual.

However, given the current situation, we fully appreciate that there may be several people at our events who, for the moment, may wish to refrain from shaking hands, and may prefer just a wave etc. Let’s all be mindful of this and be as accommodating as possible to each other’s wishes.

Other than that, we hope to continue seeing you at our events, and let’s hope this current situation is dealt with speedily.

Some useful (official) resources can be found below.

UK Gov Page

One thought on “Business Networking And Coronavirus – Some Thoughts

  1. Great tips. Thank you.
    I have added some more and echoing on what’s been said.

    1. Wash hands regularly with soap and warm water,
    2. Use a sanitiser if you have one in your pocket
    3. Shake hands only if you feel comfortable doing so. Instead, greet with a smile – more importantly, and enjoy your conversations.
    4. Keep some tissues or handkerchief in your pocket
    5. If you need to sneeze, cough etc., please use a handkerchief or tissue and dispose of it properly. Wash hands immediately if possible.
    6. Avoid touch public stair and travelator railings. They have billions of unimaginable germs and bacteria.
    7. Stay indoors if you don’t feel well. Rest and get better. Intake a good amount of fluid. Focus on holistically improving your health.
    8. Do not let fear grip you.
    Take personal responsibility and protect yourself and others.
    9. Be kind and sensitive to others. There’s been a lot of blaming going around.
    10. Finally do not over immerse in the everything you hear about the virus. Read NHS and government’s medical advice.

    I wish you the very best and enjoy networking.

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